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I had previously made this goal for Jersey Cape Weddings that every time a new couple decided to utilize our services’ I would post a picture of them, (if they let me) on our social media outlets welcoming them into the JCW family. Yea, while that was an awesome goal, I unfortunately failed miserably at it. Honestly, it’s ok though, because while I may not get to finish everything on my daily lists all of the time, (including chores around my house!), there’s one thing I have been pretty successful at, and that’s getting to know and love the people I have the opportunity to work with as II work on wedding planning Cape May NJ.

Wedding Planning Cape May NJMeet Lauren + Chris                       4.15.16

Two of my favorite people! I met Lauren almost exactly a year ago at a bridal show, and we hit it off pretty much instantly. She is laid back, fun,
and I knew when meeting her that I would love the opportunity to work with her and her fiancé, and boy was I was right. Lauren and Chris reside in DE, but whenever they get a chance, they grab a groupon deal to come and visit with me and go over wedding plans and get things done. Their wedding day is coming upon us quickly, and I am so excited and happy that I got the chance to be a part of their planning process. Their wedding will take place at Willow Creek Winery in West Cape May, which is the perfect location for a beautiful, rustic feel, and exactly what they had in mind for their special day. It’s weddings and couples like these two that make my business, my heart.  I cant wait to be able to show everyone pictures of how amazing it turned out.  Another bride/couple turned into friends forever with these two!

Meet Katie + Erich                           10.1.16

katie.erich2Katie and Erich are from CT, and I actually started working with
Katie and her family before I even got the opportunity to meet her, which happens often.  They are a close-knit family, which I love about them, and they have a beautiful and unique vision for their wedding day. Katie and Erich’s wedding will take place at The Cape May Yacht Club, which is a stunning location overlooking the water in Cape May. Working with them on pulling their vision together has been so much fun.  Pushing limits and trying different concepts, as well as getting to know each family members wants and likes has been my favorite part of working with them. This whole family was a perfect fit for JCW, and it makes me smile getting to see them all in one room together when they come to visit and discuss details in person.

Meet Molly + Antony                       10.22.16

mollyWe have actually never met, yet we email a ton!  I would say 95% of my brides are considered destination weddings, so it can be a lot of emails and phone calls while I help them plan from afar. Molly and Antony live in Florida, and they are planning a large wedding at Willow Creek Winery, with less than a year to plan. We have been moving along the checklist of things-to-do perfectly, and one of the things I can tell you about Molly is she’s always so appreciative and thanks me for everything I do and that we accomplish together.  Working with her has been a pleasure, and I love how fast paced and ready-to-get-to-the-next-step she is.  Right up my alley!

While these are just a few of the couples that JCW has taken on for 2016, we’ve definitely stayed true to our goals, which is to work with couples who are fun and confident, and who love stepping outside of their comfort zones to create unique and memorable events. If you feel that you and your fiancé fit that criteria and could use some help you with wedding planning Cape May NJ, contact me today so we can welcome you in the JCW family as well.


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